1 Piece 3 Ways : Culottes

Culottes have to be the most versatile bottoms I know, one because they can easily be worn casually or to work and then evening and two, they easily pair with many tops and shoes and are mostly very comfortable if you get the right size.

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Tips For Buying & Styling White Denim

Ruffle shirt and white denim

Selecting the right white¬†denim can be a daunting task in a sea of choices available nowadays. I find that it is tricky to get one with the right cut, fit, fabric and opacity/thickness, all in one and without breaking the bank. There are some things I consider before settling on a pair of white denim, […]

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Style Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Longer legs If you are petite and want to give the illusion of long legs, wear nude shoes. Nude shoes elongate the legs visually as there is no break of color from your skin to your toes.

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