The Little Black Dress

Blue dress

  The little black dress is a staple piece that a always looks good in every woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn to any occasion, it just needs to be accessorized appropriately.

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A Paisley Suit

Suit with belt

Suits don’t have to be boring and black, especially if you work in an informal office. I like to wear fun colours with different prints and cut. This way I can still wear what make me happy even in semi formal occasions.

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My Tips For A Happy 2021

Black Culottes

It’s been a month since the year began and most of the new year resolutions and hopes coming out of an eventful 2020 are slowly dwindling. Well, worry not, because if you made it through the most uncertain year ever, you are a winner already. For me, my year is just beginning.

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New In : Cos Stores

COS is known for it’s high quality, timeless, clean lines, modern , classic and minimalist approach to clothing that go beyond a season. Here are picks from the pieces, mostly dresses that I’m currently loving.

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1 Piece 3 Ways : Culottes

Culottes have to be the most versatile bottoms I know, one because they can easily be worn casually or to work and then evening and two, they easily pair with many tops and shoes and are mostly very comfortable if you get the right size.

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1 Piece 3 Ways – Playsuit

Playsuits are a complete outfit and are very easy to style but can get repetitive. Get creative with your looks and make them interesting each time.

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Get Your Skin Glowing This Summer

We all want that radiant, glowing, healthy looking skin, especially in summer when the sun is out and more skin will be on show, so it is important to take care of the skin to get the ‘natural’ glow. Here are some tips that I use to ensure my skin is healthy and glowing all […]

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Wearable Fashion Trends 2019

The new season is upon us, and that means new season clothes are trickling into stores. We can already see the new trends around and thankfully, most are easily wearable. The Pantone color of the year is Living Coral, which is a vibrant pinkish orange color, very wearable and flattering on many skin tones. Neutral […]

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