Friends & Standards – 11.01.22

Friends & Standards


Friends & Standards

Good morning from sunny Dubai!

The weather is truly glorious at the moment and just waking up to the sun rising on my face is a feeling I can’t explain. I guess this is how most people wake up, especially back home where the weather is mostly sunny.

Yesterday I had a huge lightbulb moment on which direction I want to go in areas that I’ve been feeling stuck for while now. And I’ve since been busy working on my new ideas.  Surprisingly I woke up today completely deflated, not about the ideas I had, but just in general. I slept very well, but woke up less than refreshed. Maybe I went overboard with the excitement yesterday?

On another note, I’ve been thinking of friends, and people we keep close to us. I watched a video on Tiktok, yes TikTok, talking about friends being a reflection of your actual standard. These are the standards you are okay with, not ideals, what you are willing to tolerate. It sent me into a quick review of who I have in my life and what that says about me. of course the same principle applies to partners, finances and health.

Even beyond that I’ve had it at the back of my mind for a while now. How do I show up for my loved ones and if they show up for me when I need them. I’m from the school of thought that you shouldn’t wait for someone to ask for help, if you can see they need it and you know they’ll appreciate it then you should go ahead and offer it. Anyway, let’s just say I’m thinking about it.

So, if you have good people in your life, show up for them, celebrate them, help them, laugh and cry with them. It’s only in giving that you receive.

Take care.

Loice xx

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