Happy Sunday! 09.01.22


Happy Sunday!

It’s the first Sunday weekend day ever! I know people are probably fed up of hearing about this new work week in Dubai. It is new to us, you will not hear about it next week I promise. Pretty much all my adult life Friday & Saturday was the weekend, we are adjusting gently.

Yesterday I spent the day doing pretty much nothing tedious. I needed the day off from a week of physical and emotional exhaustion. I felt at some point there was no moment to sit down and clarify my thoughts, which is something very new to me. It’s not even about not having the time, it’s more of lack of mental capacity to slow down and organize ideas. Sharing my thoughts on here is also very new to me because I’m generally a very private person, perhaps too private, and thinking about is scary at times. I was inspired by the award winning digital blogger herself @tashhatherall, who shares so effortlessly.

I’m looking for very small size adult shoes today. One of my clients has tiny feet and finding shoes is turning out to be a challenge for both of us. If you know anywhere with sizeEU 34/35 ladies shoes. That’s at the top of my to do list for today.

I’m also preparing for the week, between a regular job, Youtube, Personal Shopping and writing on this blog my week has to be planned well or I’ll end up sleeping late, and I don’t do well with little sleep.

I haven’t planned my weekly meals yet, I need to do that. I’m on a healthy eating streak that if I don’t plan ahead of time I end up eating whatever is available. I’m doing my week one update tomorrow on Youtube if you want to check that out. My main goal is to get a grip on a sustainable healthy eating lifestyle as soon as possible.

That’s pretty much my Sunday, rest relaxation and little bit of work.

Happy Sunday!

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