Emily In Paris & Other Stories – 06.01.22

Imad Eduso Tiffany set

Last week watched season 2 of Emily in Paris, the story line is weak, as expected. I know I don’t watch it for the story line. It’s safe to say that I was waiting to be blown away by Emily’s fashion choices. On the contrary, I quite enjoyed Sylvie’s style, very polished and sophisticated. The looks were well thought out for her age in the show, and looked wearable. I enjoyed Emily’s outerwear though. I love colour and interesting prints so the coats were right up my alley. If there’s a season 3, I’ll definitely watch it, probably not for the incredible story.I’m planning a round up of my favorite looks in Emily In Paris on instagram soon.

The weekend is supposed to be the begin today but we begin the new 4.5 work week Monday – Friday (half day on Friday). It is the first Friday in my working life that is a work day, the first of many to come. I honestly thought I wouldn’t care but I do. In some twisted way I quite enjoyed being the only one ones on a weekend when everyone else was working. It’s going to take some getting used to.

I was at JBR The Walk today and I almost always discover something new there, Reserved by Starbucks? Well, there’s nothing really different from the other Starbucks, apart from some branding elements. I like the way Meraas sticks to it’s lifestyle brand theme, even Mc Gettigans in City walk is called Home by Mc Gettigans.

It’s also dawning on me that the holiday season is coming to an end. My sister is leaving, that’s always a sore topic for me, even if she makes my life hectic, it’s a mostly good hectic. Back to the daily grind I guess. I hope we can get back to travelling freely, it will make life easier for so many families and loved ones who want to see each other. Flying has become …. difficult.

On that note, let me go to bed. I’m exhausted.

Loice xx



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