Family & More – 05.01.22

self portrait Ruffle shirt and white denim

self portrait Ruffle shirt and white denim

Lately I have been sleeping really well, I have been going to sleep with the sound of rain as the background noise. It’s the one thing I didn’t know I needed and now I’m hooked! According to my Fitbit, it’s the best sleep I have had in the last year. The recent rains inspired me to do this and the fact that it’s cold outside makes it believable I guess. This is the best weather all year round, and just for a moment I can forget how severe summer is.

I spent the afternoon with family, which is such a delightful experience, however chaotic it can be. There are lots of people taking tests in the mall at the moment, hopefully to go back home. It’s been chaos since the holiday season began, and I don’t mind going back to safety mode. Why is the mall so cold, even in the middle of summer?

My niece who watches my youtube videos, as she should, today decided to ask me just how long it takes to conceptualize a video and record it. I have never given it so much thought, maybe because I just enjoy doing it all. That was a light bulb moment for me. One day I will explain this in detail.

Another niece recently told me, “I see you spend a lot of money on perfumes, seeing as your youtube is full of their reviews”. I felt like she was gently scolding me on my poor spending habits. They watch, observe and analyze, I should probably make better videos, or I’ll be hearing from the jury soon.

I need to go plan my tomorrow. A plan and sticking to the said plan is key for a good day in my books.

Loice xx



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