Are children the only way to be truly happy? 04.01.21

Today was a quiet day, all about work and catching up with all the work we quickly left unfinished in December, thinking January would never come. I’m also exhausted from chasing people for payment, this seems to be a post lockdown issue, or at least it just got worse. It still is very draining for the soul. It being a quiet day gave me time to reflect on situations I continuously, very interesting ones, especially around the baby topic. It can only mean that I’m old, and maybe it’s showing.

A week ago I accidentally engaged in a conversation about children. It was rough. Why are people convinced that one must have children to be truly happy? If you really want children this is true for you, but what if you don’t? This topic comes up all the time,  and it’s the usual, “so how many kids do you have?” I say zero, and every single time the other person says, “why? You must have kids now because you’ll get old ….. “and they quickly fade away, at this point I can’t be bothered to hear the lecture one.more.time. This has to be one of the most insensitive things to say to me, to anyone. So if you know me or meet me, feel free to let me be.

So many women and men struggle with infertility and medical conditions that don’t allow them to get pregnant, or carry a  healthy baby to full term. Others, like me, just haven’t gotten round to having them. I actually can’t say if I never want children or if I will in the future, but that is my decision to make. For now, I’m all you will get, take me or leave me!

My family is huge, the Big Fat Greek Wedding type of huge. My mum loves her children more than life itself. I love my nieces and nephews dearly, some are mistaken for my husband and others are mistaken for my kids. That’s just how many they are. Some have their own children too, i guess that makes me a great aunt?  It’s not a thing of not liking children, I just don’t have one. Can I be enough? Fortunately even my old fashioned traditional mother has not asked me why I don’t have kids, and for that reason only, nobody should ask.

I’m going to have to go now, or I’ll keep going on about this topic. Don’t get me started on how much the same people complain about having children.

But seriously, are children the only way to be truly happy?

Take care.

Loice xx

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