A Healthy Start to 2022 – 03.01.22

Casual dress outfit

Casual dress outfit

I promise I won’t say anything about the weather… even though most of our homes are leaking everywhere. I’ve had the electric circuit break twice today. There’s obviously a reason why it doesn’t rain here.

Today is the very first Monday we are working on the new Monday to Friday work week. I’m not sure how I’ll feel on Thursday when I still have to work on Friday. I suspect I’m not ready mentally. It makes working with people from around the world easier. Let’s see how we like it.

I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel today, maybe a little more personal than my other videos. It’s about wanting a healthy start to 2022. I know many people who are trying to shed lockdown 1,2,3…. weight, as I am. Although we only had 1 lockdown, I still managed to collect extra kilos from the frequent kitchen to living room trips. My mission this month is to shed it all off, and have a healthy start to 2022. Granted it’s not a lot, yet it is the few kilos that are the most stubborn. You can join me if you want to, just leave a comment under the video here.
I’m in dire need of a spa day. I’ve been trying to stay away from public places with a lot of contact due to the ongoing health situation. My eyebrows are about to provide an umbrella to my eyes at this point though. At what point do we just give in and risk it all? The alternative is staying locked indoors for the foreseeable future, and that’s no way to live, is it? Something has got to give, it sure isn’t my spa appointment.
I’m going to finish the last chapter of atomic habits by James Clear tonight, a book that has inspired me a lot around the topic of habits and results. I’ll soon do a quick review here.
Let’s chat tomorrow.
Loice xx

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