1 Piece 3 Ways: Pink Tailored Pants

Imad Eduso Tiffany Set

One of the things I look for when buying clothes is longevity, quality of the fabric and cost per wear. I want to wear my clothes so many times until they cost nothing. One of the best ways for me to achieve this is picking out clothing that fit, align with my personal style and is well made to stand the test of time.

These pants meet the mark in all these points. They are well made, high waisted (fit my body shape well) and are made from a really high quality fabric.[convertkit form=2883290]

Here are some of the ways I will be incorporating it into my wardrobe:

Pink Pants & Emerald Top Outfit

Pink Pants & Orange Sweater Outfit

Pink Pants & Lilac Blouse Outfit

Pants – Imad Eduso

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