The Perfect White Jeans & How To Choose Them

White Skinny Jeans and orange cardigan


White Skinny Jeans with orange cardigan

The perfect white jeans are a fashionable, versatile closet staple in any woman’s wardrobe. You can style white denim to look chic for the office, going out on dates, and casual weekend wear. These jeans are also the most difficult to find a good pair all round. You have to be very attentive when buying white jeans, they are not your regular jeans in the least.

 Here are some of my tips on what to look for when buying white jeans.

They should not be see through

White jeans should be a little thick, so they don’t reveal your skin underneath, especially on the butt. This is particularly the issue when the jeans are stretchy, as they are made of thinner denim material to allow for the stretch. I always check to see that my skin and underwear are not peeing through. I have to decide carefully the color of underwear I wear on the day too.

The shade of white

Not all white are equal, so to speak. I am careful not to buy a yellowish white, or one with stains, it’s the most unflattering thing on white jeans. I know it will not look right and will always look stained no matter how many times I wash them. Always look for a bright white, because white looks good when it’s actually white.

White Skinny Jeans and orange cardigan outfit


White is notoriously unforgiving in fabrics. If the jeans are too tight, it will highlight every single imperfection. If it’s too baggy it will make your lower half look even bigger than it is. I recommend going up one size from your usual fit of skinny jeans, so it fits well and is not too tight. For me skinny jeans flatter me best, so that’s the style I go for.

When I found this pair of the perfect white jeans I was sold! It is high waisted, stretchy( I need that stretch) and a little tick without being rigid. I paired it with this orange cardigan and these heels for a smart casual lunch.


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