A Paisley Suit

Suit with belt

Suit with belt

Suits don’t have to be boring and black, especially if you work in an informal office. I like to wear fun colours with different prints and cut. This way I can still wear what make me happy even in semi formal occasions.

Fun colors suits also make for great pieces for mix and match, making it easy to wear the same pieces in a casual way. One of the ways is by pairing the blazer with a t-shirt and jeans (who would I be if I didn’t say this) for a casual weekend outfit. Another way is by pairing the pants with a t-shirt or camisole and sandals for brunch.

tshirt & Palazzo Pants

I’m partial to colorful suits especially reds and pinks, even blues really appeal to me. This particular one is  special because I don’t own anything in Paisley print. So I was really keen to get it. I love the play on colors, which allows for many other colors to be paired with it.

Palazzo Pants

What are your thoughts on suits?

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