My Tips For A Happy 2021

Black Culottes

It’s been a month since the year began and most of the new year resolutions and hopes coming out of an eventful 2020 are slowly dwindling. Well, worry not, because if you made it through the most uncertain year ever, you are a winner already. For me, my year is just beginning.

That being said, the new year is a time to review the past year, evaluate what worked and what didn’t work and leveling up, right? Time to review and set goals for the year.

Let me share the things I do to keep motivated, productive and centered:


It’s funny I’m saying this but I’m one who doesn’t like to write things down. I rely on my memory, I have a pretty good one. However, I’ve found that writing down what I need to do and in the order I wish to accomplish the tasks it is really helping me to remember and work efficiently. I don’t fill up my whole day, because I get anxious at the amount of work I need to get done. I also don’t have the attention span for hours and hours of focused work. I wake up and go for a walk, to get that 10K steps in. As soon as I come back I drink water, then tea or coffee or both. Then I look at my to do list and some Instagram scrolling. Soon after I shower and my day begins, I feel like a shower is a signal to my body that we are starting the day.

Build a routine that works for you and defines your day into pockets that make you feel productive and make you feel good.


If there’s anything the world learned last year is self care doesn’t just mean getting a manicure and getting your hair done, it’s about getting your mental and physical health taken care of. I try to do something everyday that makes me happy, that takes care of my health like a walk, a jog, a nutritious meal. A workout will do magic to your mood, health and overall wellbeing. I workout 4-5 times a week, and just to be clear, weight loss is overrated, I workout for a good mood, strength, cardiovascular health and many more reasons beyond weight loss. I also focus on myself and my goals, which is not easy in a world full of pressure, but I have to be about myself, it’s the only way.

Getting that manicure, pedicure, Moroccan bath, massage is also selfcare. If it makes me happy I make it a priority.

Black Culottes


I cannot emphasize enough how taking time away from everything and everyone has improved my overall wellbeing. I’m an introvert, so whenever I am around people for an extended period of time I struggle in the following days. I always make sure I take time off from people and events. Now more than ever people are at home but there seems to be pressure to do more, be more and accomplish more, so it’s so important to come up and take a breather every now and then. Did you know be a high performer and be more efficient, balancing your work time and rest time is super important.

For whatever you want to accomplish, you need to be consistent and motivated to do it, it’s the only way you will accomplish your goals.

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