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My skin has a way of responding well to products then suddenly hitting a plateau after a few months of continuous use. It’s something similar to weight loss, you always have to switch things up to continue getting results.

While the foundation of my skincare routine remains simple and straightforward, the products & brands continuously change. I’m always on the lookout for the best ingredients for my skin. I have been using the Sunday Riley Vitamin C Serum for 4 months now, and I was happy with the results. Most people are sensitive to Vitamin C products. As there are different variations of the ingredient in different concentrations in each product, and some can be irritating. For this reason, I’m very particular about what I apply on my skin.

Here are some of the new in products. watch this youtube video to learn more –


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  1. Hi, Love there’s a blog you talked about skin care and mentioned a product you advised your friend to use to get rid of the goose bumps/chicken skin. Whats the name of the product?

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