Productivity Hacks You Need to Know

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It is getting increasingly difficult to get everything done, with the amount of distractions and the speed that everyone requires things done nowadays. I have a few tips I use to keep myself on track, be more productive and get stiff done especially on those days or weeks that life is more demanding.

Write a To Do List

Always write a to do list the night before and prioritize what you need to do first.

Complete your priorities first before you go to the next activity, that way you know what you needed to get done is done, and you can move on to the more flexible chores.

I like to do the most difficult tasks first, that way the rest seem easier , as they say eat the frog first thing in the morning!

Time Batching

One task at once for a long period of time – eg.. Mondays do all your outside errands on the one day, all calls on another day, that means you can plan the day depending what you are doing. Not wear make up on the day you are doing more at home, etc then you know you can get into that mindset and prepare the vibe of the task, tues= writing, wed = content .

Time Cube

Do the same task for certain amount of time until it is completed and don’t keep the timer on the phone, you will end up distracting yourself. Keep phone away. There are time cubes you can use for timer or just a simple timer will do.

Compartmentalize everything

This goes for everything from office to kitchen to handbag, it’s pretty much organizing to save time eg utensils, pencils, clothes, panties, jewellery etc. This way you don’t spend too much time looking for stuff at home or at work, everything has it’s place. If you carry big tote bags you can get lost inside it, there are bag organizers that has compartments, that way you don’t spend years (ok maybe minutes) looking for lip balms and phones, these two are my main culprits.


Add every single activity into the calendar and colour code everything so you know what your day looks like as soon as you look at the calendar. Be sure to give realistic amounts of time to each item, so you are not rushing through your to do list instead of being thorough wit every single task.

Everything is in my calendar, down to when to shower, depending on what I am doing on that day. That means I do every single thing, and there’s no excuse of lack of time, if its is in the calendar it gets done, because there is time for it.

Set alarms if necessary for things that don’t need time but are crucial eg taking your medicine, I know, I need a reminder.

Say No to Distraction

The number one distraction is the phone, the less you pick up the more you will get done. Put your notifications off so you only look at your messages and emails when you have scheduled to take care of that task, you will find that you focus better and have more done in a shower period of time than if you left them on.

What are some of the ways you stay productive?

Loice xo

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