Top 5 Denim For Curvy Girls

Denim for Curvy Girls
Good American – Good Waist Skinny Jeans

It’s almost impossible to believe that not so many years ago I hated wearing jeans. They did not fit well. There were a number of issues, they were rigid, there was no give to the jeans at all, if I sized up and managed to get my whole booty in then the jeans were loose on my thighs and legs. If I got them to fit my legs properly then good luck to getting them through my hips and booty, then the waist would fit just fine. It was a constant struggle.Well, this was before the now popular big booty generation.If you are a curvy girl I’m sure you can relate.

Since then there has been a revolution, so to speak, and many brands have come to embrace or accept that women with curves exist.

A couple of things to consider when purchasing denim as a curvy girl are the stretch, the rise (high rise is more flattering) and waist to hip ratio. The denim has to have some stretch and the cut has to be for curvier figures for it to look good.

These are my top 5 brands (and styles) of denim for curvy ladies. Some are affordable, others are a little expensive, but they all serve their purpose.

Topshop – Jamie Jeans

Jamie is my absolute favorite pair of skinny jeans on the high street. They are high-rise, super skinny and you can choose the length from 28,30 or 32 inches. They fit like a glove, and I haven’t met anyone who didn’t love a pair of Jamie jeans.

Topshop – Orson Jeans

Orson is almost like straight jeans but a little tapered at the ankle or skinny mom jeans. They are a more relaxed fit, high rise and very comfortable. They don’t have a lot of stretch but have more room to fit in compared to say the regular skinny jeans.

Paige Denim – Hoxton Ultra Skinny Jeans 

These jeans feel like butter, they are made from the best denim fabric I know, super soft and comfortable. They are high rise, which means they hug the hips well and cinch in the waist just below the belly button.

Good American – Good Waist Skinny Jeans

I am a big fan of these jeans, they are super comfortable, soft, stretch like crazy and the pocket placement on the back gives the illusion of a fuller rounder booty. They cinch in at the waist and have a good allowance for the hips and taper to the legs. They have a huge range of sizes right uptown size 24 US. If you have a budget for it I would recommend a splurge on a pair.

Fashionnova Jeans

Fashionnova jeans are well known for their jeans for curvy women. Their sizing is a bit tricky as it is unique to them, so you cannot compare a size you wear with other brands. I find it a hit or miss with sizing. When you get it right though, they fit really nice and snug and are very affordable.

What are some of your favorite jeans?

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