Tips For Buying & Styling White Denim

Ruffle shirt and white denim

self portrait Ruffle shirt and white denim

Selecting the right white denim can be a daunting task in a sea of choices available nowadays. I find that it is tricky to get one with the right cut, fit, fabric and opacity/thickness, all in one and without breaking the bank. There are some things I consider before settling on a pair of white denim, mostly because they are not as fool proof as the other denim colors.

Buying Tips:

Size Up

White denim always emphasizes imperfections on the body, especially cellulite, so if you are between sizes going a size up will be more flattering because the tighter the jeans are, the more imperfections they will show. Going a size up ensures a comfortable fit that will be more forgiving.


The thickness, stretch and overall quality of the material of the denim really matters, the lower the quality of the material the worse the jeans will look on, especially because they will most likely be see through, which is not a great look, and may be ill fitting in some cases. Go for the mid weight/thickness denim with some stretch, especially if you are a curvy.


Stick to a cut/style that works best in other colors (fit or silhouette – skinny, flare etc) If you like or look best in skinny jeans in other colors then stick to that when choosing your white pants. It is not the best idea to start experimenting different styles, you will most likely find that it looks best in a style that works for you already.

Pocket Placement

Front pockets seem to add bulk to white denim and more often than not they can be seen through the jeans, depending on the thickness of the material. Opt for no front pockets, if possible, or cut out the pockets if you wish. Alternatively go for denim fabric that is thick enough to hide the pockets or pockets that are your skin color (you can have this replaced at your tailor).

Back pocket placement has an impact on how your booty looks, far aside pockets give an illusion of bigger booty while close together pockets do the opposite, the choice is yours.


I know it seems strange that you should consider the color of the white denim, but there is a wide range of ‘white’ denim. Be sure you are choosing white and not off white or light beige. There is nothing more annoying than white pants that look dirty when they should be clean crisp white.

Styling Tips:


Always wear skin color underwear, because most of the time the color will show through the jeans, especially white underwear. By skin color I don’t mean generic nude underwear, I mean underwear that blends with your skin tone so it doesn’t show where the underwear begins or ends. Nubian skin carries a lot of shades of ‘nude’ undergarments.

If you are concerned that your underwear could be visible through your jeans, wear a longer top just to drape over the jeans, you need to be confident with your outfit at all times.

Wear all white

An all white outfit always looks great, it is the one look that is so fresh, cleans and always looks so classy. If you don’t know what to wear and you want to look good, wear all white. You can play with different textures and shades of white, it doesn’t have to be the same exact white shade, off white, bright white etc


White jeans look best with any color or type of shoes. If you want to make your legs look longer legs wear nude heels; if you need to stand out, wear a pop of color; for a more glamorous look wear gold heels, or something more special; and sneakers or flat sandals for a casual laid back look.

What are some of the things you consider when buying or styling white denim?

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