Style Secrets Every Woman Should Know


Longer legs

If you are petite and want to give the illusion of long legs, wear nude shoes. Nude shoes elongate the legs visually as there is no break of color from your skin to your toes. Remember not all nudes are created equal, choose a nude that matches your skin tone to get the benefits of it blending with your legs. Also clear shoes will achieve the same if not better result, that’s if you are comfortable with a your feet being visible

High waisted jeans or trousers also give the illusion of long legs as your legs seem to begin way up the waist than they really do.


These have to be the single most important items in any woman’s closet. Invest in good bras and panties, Spanx (body shapers), strapless bras (for the strapless or off the shoulder outfits). Most outfits require “help” from correct undergarments, as we are not all blessed with perfect bodies and figures, the right undergarments can take you from drab to fab in a second!

A good eye for clothing

When shopping, know the difference between cheap vs inexpensive clothes. Just because something is cheap in price doesn’t mean it looks bad, it is just inexpensive and may as well be good quality. Check the fabric, the finishing, details like buttons, cut of the item etc. and make your choice to buy or not from these points not just the price.

Purge the closet regularly

This way you get to know what you have, learn about what patterns or colors you don’t wear, the clothes that look good on you, what you need to add to your closet etc. This will help you avoid buying the things like to buy but you don’t really like to wear, get what you need into your closet and make dressing up easier.

Buy a couple standout pieces

This will always make you look and feel dressed up and stand out even when your outfit is pretty basic. Invest in good quality unique accessories, i.e shoes, bags and jewelry and use them to elevate your outfits each time. You could wear the exact same outfit and changing up the accessories will give it a whole different vibe.

Dresses that have a band at the waist are often more flattering on most figures than ones without. If not, add a belt to your dress and see the difference in how you look. Pay attention to the belt size as different belt sizes flatter different body shapes, not all belts are created equal either. You can also add ruffle to the hem of a basic dress or skirt or lace to elevate the piece.

Most importantly ladies, always make an effort, it is the single most important secret to looking and feeling good.

What are some of your style secrets ladies?

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