Summer Dress Over Denim


Did I mention how hot Dubai is right now? It is scorching hot, and nothing seems appropriate to wear any more. It may seem like a given to wear tank tops and shorts and slippers but, every inch of skin left out burns, literally. So I am often left with the option of wearing…… the most! It is hot outside and super cold inside, it is just confusing.

This light cotton dress is a savior, well I think it is a dress, but it is too see through for me to wear it on its own, so I decided to experiment on ways I could wear it and decided on jeans, my favorite thing to wear. Honestly I have never tried a dress over jeans before, it is a look that I quite didn’t understand, but this one just felt right!

It would be perfect with denim shorts or skirt as well. And this bag? How cute is it? It should be the summer It bag! I will definitely wear it as much as possible this summer.



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