Stripes And Polka Dots


Mixing polka dots and stripes is considered breaking fashion rules, but really there are no rules, you just wear whatever makes you happy. That’s what I love the most about styling, you can literally mix and match whatever you feel like, the options are endless!


I like to play with different outfits in my closet, otherwise I will end up wearing the same outfit every time, which is not ideal for me. I particularly love this outfit because the striped body suit is a knit and the polka dot skirt has a silky texture, so apart from the play on the patterns, there is a mix of different textures which makes it even more interesting upclose.

These sandals are perfect because although they are red orange and beige, they come off as nude, to me:-), so there isn’t a huge contrast to the outfit and it gives the outfit a pop of color.


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