How I Take Care Of My Skin From The Inside Out

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The skin is affected by almost everything in our environment, and most importantly what we eat or ingest into our body. The ultimate goal is to have soft, smooth, radiant skin, not just on the face but all over.  Great skin has a direct relationship with self confidence and the key to flawless makeup is good skin.

Here are some of my daily rituals that I follow to keep my skin looking and feeling its best.


Nothing can beat a healthy diet in maintaining great skin. Pay attention to what goes into the body because it is true that no amount of serum or facials can clear out skin problems exasperated by a poor diet.

1. Water – I drink lots of water throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated and flush out toxins from the body hence water is essential.There are many apps that can aid in reminding you to drink water like Water Drink Reminder, if you struggle with remembering to drink water throughout the day.

2. Green leafy vegetables – Green leafy vegetables contain a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. I always add a cup of green leafy vegetables in my smoothie, or saute two cups as a side dish.

3. Green smoothies – I have at least one green smoothie every day, which is mostly made up of green leafy vegetables, a fruit and water. This adds also adds up to my fluid intake for the day.

4. Skin supplements – This is a controversial one for many people, on whether they make a difference or not. I swear by skin supplements, they make a big difference to my skin. One of my absolute favorites are Dr Barbara Sturm Skin Food, Collagen, Super Elixir by WelleCo (whichI add into my smoothies) and Vitamin C Capsules.

What are some of the thing you do to keep your skin glowing?

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