5 Essential Shoes For Any Wardrobe

I am a shoe lover, and if I could I would own many more pairs than I do, which is alot. I believe that a woman should always wear good shoes, no necessarily expensive, but good shoes. There is no need to put together a killer outfit and forget about your shoes, the outfit will not be great. There are basic shoes that we can wear over and over again, and then there are those beautiful ones that are for special occasions.

Let’s talk about the basics, after covering these then you can go all out with the crazy colors and embellishments!

1.White Sneakers

Sneakers are the most used shoes in most of our closets. Team them with anything, more so lately when sneakers have quickly become the go to shoe. Wear it with a dress, jeans, tailored pants, a suit, they will go with anything!



I absolutely love loafers, and I think everyone needs to try on a pair, if you haven’t yet. They are like sneakers, in terms of comfort and simplicity, but a little more dressy. They go well with most outfits, dresses, jeans, tailored pants, casual pants.

3.Flat Sandals

This is your summer go to shoe, all day. It is ideal for all your casual sundresses, and holidays.

5.Ankle strap sandal black and nude or add platform

This one is like your black or nude pumps but with a more casual or evening feel. Team with jeans or skirts during the day and dresses in the evening.

4.Black pumps

Every single wardrobe needs a pair of black pumps, team them with a dress for an evening out, or a pair of jeans for a semi formal event, or tailored trousers to work or a more formal event.

Nude pumps are also very versatile and pair well with most, if not all outfits. Nude pumps elongate your legs……. Choose the best nude for your shoes, because not all nudes are created equal.

5.Special Shoes

Every girl needs a special pair of shoes, the one shoe that transforms a little white dress into ‘the outfit’ for those days when you want to be just a little bit special or extra. I particularly like to use my shoes to elevate my outfit. Go for a metallic, sequin, leopard print or a bright colored pair, like red, to also show your personal style come through.

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