Sporty Chic

Anyone who knows me knows I do not know how to wear sweatpants and a slouchy t-shirt. Sometimes it is a struggle to choose casual outfits, fit for a run to my local grocery store ( so I order in HAHA!) Problem solved!

I am loving my new found love for sports inspired casual outfits (not sports), which can take me from the grocery store, to the mall, to lunch and sundowners perhaps?It is no secret that sneakers have steadily gained popularity in the recent years, with many variations from cute white ones to the new chunky ‘ugly” ones by Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. I would like to know what you think on these ugly ones.

Generally dressing down has become a stylish thing in the recent years and although I prefer heels, I cannot wear heels everywhere so I’m embracing the sporty chic look. Anything goes with sneakers nowadays!


What is your go to casual outfit?

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