Trends For Spring

Spring is here, at least for me, the temperature is warming up pretty quickly, and I dare say that it will be summer in literally a minute. With this of course the new season collections have been trickling rather painfully slowly into the shops.

1. Suiting

Suiting has become a trend in the past few seasons and is just going stronger and stronger with most designers now releasing multiple suits in the new collections. Suits pants with trainers has become a proper trend now, and just dresses down an otherwise serious outfit.

2. Check prints

Checked/plaid blazers have been around now for a while, but now the check print is one everything, dresses, skirts, shirts, everything. I’m actually not mad at it.

3. Pastels

Pastels are everywhere tis year, especially lavender, pink and yellow. Pastels are very easy to wear because they can pair with many other colors. you can get shoes in these colors to ease your way into the pastel color trends, it is an easy way of adding color to an outfit without looking too pastel -y.

4. PVC

Plastic overcoats and belts have slowly creeped into the trends in the recent seasons. If you want to try this but you scared, you can get a belt, or shoes and see how you like it.

5. Maximalism (Florals)

This is a trend that has been done by Gucci in the past few seasons, where you wear a full head to toe floral outfit. As scary as it may seem, many people have embraced it, and they look good, it is a matter of personal style and confidence in your outfit. Personally, I would like to break up prints with a solid color.

Bright colors are in, be it blue, green, yellow, they are all back! Choose whichever one that works for you and your skin tone.

6. Kimonos

Yes Kimonos are back, no they are still here, to stay! and they are in bolder florals. Kimonos are great because they can be worn in so many ways, alone, over denim and tee, shorts, skirts, they are just so versatile. Also if you wear something reveling , kimonos are a good way of covering up.

8. Embellished Jeans

Embellishments are a great way to dress up an otherwise basic outfit. Wear a basic t-shirt and embellished jeans and heels and see your outfit take on a life of its own.

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    • Yaaay.. I am glad you liked it. Looking for some great suits to add to my closet. Thanks for reading!

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