My Easy Skin Care Routine

It is important to have a solid skin care routine that you follow everyday and works for you and your skin type. This will vary from person to person and is affected by different skin types, age, weather and other environmental influences.

I have combination skin, which sometimes is dry, sometimes oily, to be fair I don’t even know what my skin is going through right now. I have noticed in the past two or three years I lean towards dry on the outer parts of my face and my T zone is less oily, but still prone to blackheads. I can’t explain it, it is exhausting at times.

All I know is I know how to manage it and here are my little helpers –


If I have make up on, I use Bioderma Micellar Water with a cotton pad to gently wipe off the makeup, especially the eyes, as I like to remove all the mascara before washing with a cleanser. Then I will just use a gel cleanser to wash my face, my favorite is Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel.


When I feel like I need an extra clean to my skin , especially when I have had make up on for many hours, or if I feel like there is dead skin on my face,I will exfoliate my skin with a face scrub. My favorite is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. 

Once I week I use an exfoliating mask like Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask, to make sure all the dead skin is exfoliated.


This is the most important and most expensive step in my skincare routine. I use a good vitamin C serum, either Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic, or Dermadoctor Kakadu C 20% Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C serums are rich in anti oxidants and protect the skin from environmental damage. To layer on top of this is my trusted Nurse Jamie’s Stem Cell Moisturizing Serum.

Your face is up against a lot of damaging agents that wish to do it harm throughout the day; exhaust fumes from cars, your dirty phone screen…. and serums see to it that none of these cause visible fine lines on the skin.


All skin types must be hydrated, even the oily ones. I use Embryolise Creme-lait fluide. I find that it is light enough to moisturize my skin without making it too oily. If you need more moisture, they have a a thicker version Embryolise Creme-lait concentre.

Sun Protection

I do not skip this step, this is my must do step in my skincare routine. Actually an exposed area of my body gets a good slather of sunblock every single morning. My favorite is Cover Fx Clear Cover invisible Sunscreen SPF 30, it is a clear gel, so no white cast, works well under makeup and does not make me grease up! For my body Bioderma Photoderm.

**Night Time

At night I will add a retinol serum, like Skinmedica Retinol Complex after the serums above. This just helps with regeneration of skin cells, giving way to new glowing skin.


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    • I know they are not cheap but they work. I can provide drugstore alternatives but I cannot guarantee same results. I think with skincare this is the case.. I have taken it into consideration, I will do my research and have a dedicated post for it, deal?

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