Taking Tock #2 – February


February literally flew by so fast, it feels like I blinked and March is here! A lot has happened and as always I have a lot to be grateful for. This year is very promising, in all aspects, and I am here for it, one day at time.

Now, let’s take stock –


A commitment to be more intentional with whatever I do. With who I bring into my life and what I choose to surround myself with. I want to make sure that I am living, rather than just existing. I want to be present in my life!


Another soup, mushroom and tofu soup. I have never tried tofu, this was my first time and although the texture is wanting, to say the least, it is a pretty good soup. Please don’t judge me, I love plant based food so that’s what I eat.


More Apple Cider vinegar and I found so many flavors of yogi tea that I am loving as well. Wait a minute, I just bought coffee that chocolate and orange flavored, sounds interesting but let the taste buds decide.


Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients Recipe Book. It is easier to buy a few ingredients than those 10 ingredient recipes, then you are left with things you don’t use in your daily cooking, and they end up going off.


Maybe needing is the right term. Needing a holiday, not just a holiday, but one to my mum’s farm, as my niece calls it. I miss the peace and tranquility, birds chirping, food on the stove all day, tea and most importantly doing nothing.

Listening to

I am both listening to and watching The Voice, the talent on there is amazing. And very young kids singing like they have lived two lives, i need a talent right now, I’m feeling a little inadequate.


Early morning at-home workouts, still. I have transitioned into a run then a full body workout at home. I love the Popsugar Fitness ones, although I end up so exhausted and dazed for a good hour after the workout. I am convinced… and hopeful that my body will adjust soon and allow me to still be productive after the workout.


A new plan for my blog. That is all I can say.


Nothing…. except groceries, ok I have bought very little, which I consider to be nothing really and that’s a pat on the back.


Myself. I know this sounds selfish but it is important to me to love, nurture and take care of myself. Whenever I neglect me, I end up feeling awful, looking awful and being in a bad mood with people around me. So, I am consciously making it a priority to be good to me.


The Voice just came back on, and I love the Blind Auditions. After this round I find it boring, so I am quite excited at the moment.


A really really oversized t-shirt and a dress I have unbuttoned to the waistline to make it a skirt, doesn’t look very nice but I am comfortable. However, I am looking forward to the new spring pieces trickling painfully slowly into the shops, even though we don’t get to see spring, we jump straight into cruel summer.


At what the kids in this generation can do. My niece has a very complex vocabulary, words I did not learn until I was in high school. Or.. was I just behind? hmmmmmmh! interesting thought right there!

Dress – here

Shoes and bag – old



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