Taking Stock 1 – January

This year has definitely began with a lot of exciting news and prospects. I have particularly enjoyed the cooler weather which is rare in Dubai, we savor every moment of the cold. I am grateful for the good times and the not so good news received this year, all in all they are shaping me to be a better person.

Now, let’s take stock –


A to do list for next month. I have a lot to do, and I have a feeling it will get overwhelming very soon, so I want to be on top of things. So I am making lists, and scheduling and planning days so that I can stay organized and motivated.


A new simple butternut squash soup, a newly learned recipe that is so yummy, so simple and takes about 10 minutes to prepare (recipe coming soon).


Apple Cider vinegar – I know, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have learned to love it and even created a mini recipe that makes it more potent and a little tasty. I drink a glass every morning as soon as I wake up and another before dinner. It is good for the body.


The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma – I love me a good self improvement book and I love that this one has very short chapters that makes it easy to follow a topic. I dedicate 10 minutes in the morning to read a chapter or two, and it motivates me for the day. And another 10 minutes before bed, so I sleep with good inspirational thoughts, loving it.


A pair of these Saint Laurent sandals, I’m dying for these! I have seen variations of the shoes, but I fell in love when I laid my eyes on these. My sister thinks I will trip and fall down in these. I beg to differ!

Listening to

‘The secret’ (for the 100th time) on Audible, like I said, I love inspirational books and having to listen to it when doing other things is golden. I especially love it on my morning run.


Early morning walks/run. The weather is cooler now, no, it is COLD in the morning, so I get out as soon as my morning alarm goes off. It almost shocks my body into wake up mode and starts my day on a good note. I often feel like early morning workouts encourage me to make better choices with food the rest of the day.


A new eating plan – I love to experiment with food, so planning ahead and discovering new dishes is important for me to get in all the nutrients I need. I particularly enjoy recipes from Oh She Glows.


Less, I am trying to buy less of everything. I have cleared my mental and physical space and I am being very careful with what I bring into my life. I am paying more attention to what I buy, instead of just buying because it looks good at the time, and when I get home it means nothing. It must mean something to me, or work for me somehow (with the exception of shoes).


Peace of mind – I made a decision to remove toxic things and people from my life and I have gained a new inner peace that I didn’t think was possible. I also silenced my email and text notifications on my phone and I found this to be life changing to my peace of mind.


Peaky blinders and Black mirror on Netliflx. If you haven’t watched these shows give them a try.


A shirt and skinny jeans, my go to uniform as I call it. There is nothing that beats this outfit for me.


At what I am able to accomplish when I put my mind to it. I’m really super excited for what is ahead in life because I know the end result is in my hands. It is up to me to make it what I want it to be!



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