Smart Casual

At times, the most challenging thing  is trying to dress super casual, when people say ‘dress casual’, what does that even mean? I immediately think sweat pants, which I don’t own or wear, even at home, (yes, it’s not my thing), or super slouchy t-shirts, I feel like they don’t inspire me to feel good about myself, which, to many of us is a daily struggle. So I prefer smart casual.

 I like to dress a little smart, even if its casual attire, I still like to look smart. This is why a crisp shirt and denim is my everyday go to outfit, or a swing dress, mainly because I like the versatility of these outfits. They can fit in most day and evening activities.


I chose this t-shirt because it is not just a t-shirt, it has some smart and quirky  details on the sleeve and the button on the sleeve is also cleverly matched to the polka dots. The polka dots also add some character to what would have been a plain white t-shirt. This pair of denim is a perfect choice. I have stayed away from straight leg jeans and the mom jeans intentionally for a long time, they are not very flattering. They make me look bigger that I really am, or than I care to look. These though I could not resist, they are super soft ,stretchy and the comfort level in unbelievable, still not super flattering I must admit. Skinny jeans for the win!

You can dress this outfit up with a pair of heels, like this or go super casual with flat sandals like this, or even sneakers or loafers.


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