How To Look Polished and Well Put Together

There’s a tribe of women who are always stylish, simple and well put together. When they pass by, they just command attention, it’s almost like they are from another planet. It is not by chance that they look like they do, it requires some effort, that is within reach for everyone, thankfully. I have put together some of the things that you, and I, can do to achieve a more polished look –

1. Hair & makeup and personal grooming

Well manicured nails and good hair instantly make you look well put together. It doesn’t have to be in a nail or hair salon, you can paint your nails at home because chipped nails are not cute and send the wrong message that you don’t care about how you look. Keep your teeth clean and mouth smelling fresh because this is what introduces you before you even speak. Take good care of your skin, nails and hair, always. Find a quick hairstyle and make up routine that you can put together in 15 minutes, that way you can always manage any busy morning.

2. Find Your Personal Style

Find whatever suits you, your body, your lifestyle and what you feel good in. When you are comfortable, it shows, you look confident and that instantly elevates your whole look. Avoid trends that make you look uncomfortable and overdressed or like you are trying too hard because not all trendy pieces look as good on everybody. You can incorporate trendy pieces that work for you into your existing wardrobe.


3. Wear clothes that fit

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to wear the right size and fit of clothing. Sometimes clothes are just ill fitting because we all have different body shapes, I propose getting your clothes tailored to fit your body, for the ones that don’t fit just right. The difference it makes in terms of the look and comfort is life changing, invest the little extra money in tailoring. If you are not sure about the fit, size up, and get it tailored down to your requirements.

4. Keep Your Clothes in Good Condition

Always, I mean, always iron/press your clothes before wearing them. There is nothing I know that is worse than a creased outfit, no matter how nice it is or how expensive it is, you will always look frumpy and unkempt. Clothes that are well taken care of and pressed always look way better than they really are and elevate the whole look. Remove any fluff from the clothes before wearing them.


5. Wear simple jewelry

Stick to simple jewelry  like dainty necklaces or rings. If you are the statement jewelry kind of girl, then wear the one statement earring or necklace or ring, avoid all three in one outfit. Lean towards the less is more rule, even for the dainty jewelery. I wear the same necklace almost everyday, because you can hardly see it, it is so small, and a watch. I may change up the earrings depending on the outfit and if it is a day or evening look but I pretty much wear the same 3 pieces everyday.

7. Invest in good wardrobe basics

When you have great pieces that you can wear over and over and you know fit you well, it is easy to add on a trend piece, or just build around each item every time, it will save you time, and money the long run, as you can wear them in many different ways. You can mix casual pieces with smarter ones to build new and diverse outfits.

8. Give yourself time to get ready

I start to get ready at least one and a half ours before I need to be out of the door. I know I take a long time to shower and to do my makeup so I give myself enough time to get ready so I don’t run out of time to do my hair in the end, that’s when waking up early is a great benefit. When you rush you end up staining your clothes and not having enough time to style your hair (even holding that ponytail requires time).



9. Practice good posture

When you see a woman on the street whose style you envy, take note of what she’s wearing, but also take note of how she walks. It’s probably not only her outfit that looks put together, she is put together. Make an effort to consciously work on your own posture every day. When standing, keep your head directly over your shoulders. When sitting, keep your back straight against the back of the chair and keep both feet on the floor.


Top – Zara ; Skirt – Maje (old) ; Shoes – Gianvito Rossi ; Bag – Gucci



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  1. As first videos go, the first will be cringe worthy years later when you look back, but then you’ll have become a pro!! All the best.

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