Dubai Edit #3: Black Tap Dubai

It’s a lovely Friday afternoon and we casually stroll into Jumeirah Al Naseem, looking for black tap, which we soon find out, is located almost at the back of the hotel on the ground level (the hotel lobby icon 2nd floor). As soon as we came through the door to the outside, it was like another world hidden in the unassuming hotel, it was literally buzzing.

There are at least 6 restaurants set around a water feature, a lake or pond like area, I’m not sure and frankly I’m not paying attention because there are too many instagrammable areas here. Most of the restaurants are full, and the atmosphere is great, there’s music playing, people chatting , crockery and cutlery clanking, it is amazing. And course I’m taking my pictures.

Anyway, we finally make our way to Black Tap, and luckily, grab the last table outside in the scorching sun, or else we have to go on the waiting list..eeerrrrm no! Black Tap is well known for the famous milkshakes, so we want to try them immediately, against the recommendation of the server and our better judgement. We settle for the Sweet N’ Salty Peanut Butter milkshake, which was divine. The milkshake itself isn’t much, there is a tonne of cream and decorations that make it look huge.

Black Tap Dubai Milkshake

We then order the Vegan burger, excited, because I don’t get enough choices in restaurants, falafel Burger and Fish and Chips. The vegan burger was the main reason for visiting this restaurant, and it was ok, nothing special. So was the falafel burger, just fine. I expected something special because these burgers are exorbitantly priced, at about 90 AED each. Fish and chips was good, the batter was not as thick as most are, bit oily but good, not great.

20180112_143241-01Black Tap Dubai 2Black Tap Dubai Vegan Burger

Bill for three: 392 AED

Location: Jumeirah Al Naseem

Rating: 7/10 – I would say 9/10 for the ambience and location but the prices for a burger or even the milkshake is too high. The flavor of the food is just average, nothing spectacular. It’s a great spot for an afternoon hangout, especially with the good weather we are enjoying now, its nice and open. Summer might close it up and give it a different vibe. I would go back for a drink with friends, as it is licensed, because the ambience is great, maybe not for food.


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