Get To Know Me – 12 Questions

It is the beginning of the year, and what way to get acquainted, get to know me a little. I hope these answers give some insight into who I am.

1. Name

Loice Lamba

2. Zodiac Sign


3. What does the name of my blog mean?

Emerald Beam – Emerald is my birth stone and Beam is the ray of light I intend to shine upon the people I come in contact with or anyone I am lucky enough to meet. I am a big advocate of positivity, doing good and being kind, if I can make one person’s life better by even smiling at them then I’m happy.

4. Why did I start blogging?

For years I have been blogging on and off. I thoroughly enjoy it, taking pictures, fashion and style are something that interests me and I want to be able to share that with others. I also love to read other blogs and I know how I get inspired by other bloggers, so I want to spread some positivity while giving some style inspiration and offer some tips and tricks on how to be more comfortable in your personal style.

5. Where did I grow up?

I am Kenyan, born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Move to the U.A.E over 10 years ago and have lived in Abu Dhabi and Dubai since then.

6.Which languages do I speak?

They say if you can speak more than one language then you are a genius. So yeah, I’m a genius, I speak 3 languages fluently , English, Swahili and Luo and can understand French!

7. Five things that make my average day better?

In order of the most effective…. Shopping (just leave me in a mall and I’m good) Food ( no explanation required), Laughter, my nieces (they say the most hilarious things that just crack me up), exercise( yes, I know. I do love a good workout, changes everything about my day), speaking to my mum (she is the love of my life, I cannot even rate how speaking to her makes me feel, she is my overall feel good pill)

8.  Have I ever been out of the country?

Yes, I have. I currently live in a country thats not my home country and I have been to all continents except Antarctica. Hopefully one day I will be lucky enough to visit.

9. Cats or Dogs?

None, sorry. I was bitten by our dog when I was younger and I had to get a million injections (ok, maybe 6), and this traumatized since then. I would rather run into oncoming traffic than come face to face with a dog, at least the car will stop. Cats, no, another long story.

10. Favorite blog

I read many blogs, however my absolute favorite is Shotfromthestreet by Lizzy Hadfield, and I love her youtube channel as well. She is just so effortless, cool and different in her style.

11. Have I ever had braces/ tattoos?

No tattoos. I had braces, which I took off less than a month ago, in December, and I’m still working on my teeth 🙂

12. Three Habits

  1. I wake up very early every morning ; 2. I work out immediately after I wake up ( the brain hasn’t realized I’m awake yet); 3. Then I make my bed immediately after. I must make my bed or my day does not start.

If you have any more questions I am happy to answer, just leave a comment below.

Xx, Loice

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