Dubai Edit #2 – Loca Restaurant & Bar – Dubai

Show me someone who doesn’t love Mexican food and I’ll show you someone who has never tried Mexican food. Local Dubai is a Mexican Restaurant & Bar located in Souk Al Bahar , Downtown Dubai, with spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa and the magnificent dancing fountains. The place is quite spacious inside and the outside seating is nice and airy with the views to die for. Pretty much what brings most people to Downtown Dubai is right here. Now, if thats not enough to lure me to this restaurant, I don’t know what can! This was my view from my seat,I mean, just perfect!

Loca 4

I had to order the famous guacamole, which is prepared right in front of you and comes in several different variations. I can never make guacamole the same way they do, must be the avocados. I went for the original, as recommended by the staff, and it was well worth it. I will definitely try the other options on my next visit.

Loca 7Loca 6Loca 3

The menu is quite large, with variations of guacamole, ceviches, nachos, quesadillas, tacos, fajitas…. it is a comprehensive menu, and I wanted everything, unfortunately I prefer vegetarian options but i’m sure the meat dishes are just as good. After much debate, wit myself of course, I ended up ordering the vegetable fajitas, which came sizzling on a huge pan. The portions are very generous, so if you don’t eat a lot it is a good idea to share the meals. As you can see I didn’t share, but I was unable to finish the fajitas.

Loca 5Loca 2

We were quite satiated after the guac and the fajitas that we couldn’t handle dessert. I noted, however, that there were no churros on the menu because I would have definitely made some room for a couple.

They serve alcoholic drinks but were in the process of renewing their license so it was a dry lunch, which is quite normal in Dubai.

Bill for Three: 511 AED

Cuisine: Mexican

Location: Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai

Rating: 9/10 – With the perfect location and perfect food and a great ambience, this restaurant could do with more professional staff as they hurdled in groups while serving the food, chatting to each other at the same time while serving the food, not paying any attention to the customers. Still, it was a really lovely experience. This would be the perfect spot for New Year’s Eve fireworks/laser display of Burj Khalifa.



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