6 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence or lack there of is something a lot of people struggle with, in different situations. It is something we all have to work to build because there are so many challenges in life and work that constantly deflate our confidence. Some people may be confident at work but really timid in a social environment and vice versa. Self-confidence can be learned, practiced and mastered, just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better. The good news is we can all make a few changes in life to build our confidence and conquer our fears.

——–   1. Eliminate negativity from your life   ——–

When you have negative people around you and in your life they constantly affirm all the things that you are insecure about and constantly kill your confidence. If someone does not contribute to you feeling good and you just feel deflated or anxious when in their company, it is time for them to go. Avoid them and create a new circle of people who will build you up. You may lose a relationship, a friend, even family, but in the long run you will be a better, happier and peaceful person for it. In the past year I have let go of a few toxic people in my life, and the very day I decided to move on I have felt lighter and happier, because I know I don’t have to deal with them anymore, I believe this was the best gift I gave to myself, from myself.

——–   2. Do one thing for your body everyday   ———

Whenever you do something good for your body, be it exercising over lying on the couch, or eating a healthy nutritious meal over that Big Mac, or treating yourself to a spa treatment, you in turn trigger a feel good feeling in your brain and when you feel good you are confident. In the long run you will end up creating good habits in your daily routine. I make it a point to either walk, or do at home exercises very single day. I realized that when I engage in some physical activity, I feel so good, and even though my body is not where it should be, I don’t bother over the imperfections and Im just so confident its scary. Rewarding yourself with good things send a message to you saying you are worth it and you deserve it. Most importantly, speak positively about yourself, don’t put yourself down by saying negative things to yourself or to other people, build yourself up, tell yourself you are great and you can do it, believe it for you.


——–   3. Develop your brain   ——–

We all know that the brain is like a muscle and need to be trained as frequently as possible. There are so many ways we can expand our knowledge nowadays, read, and if you do like to read you can listen to the books you want on audible or any other platform you want. Theres you tube, podcasts, ebooks, even newspapers, give your brain some exercise! On another note, if you are going to be in a group of people and you know they speak about specific topics, try read up on that topic or even latest news on the topic so you can say something, you will be so confident when they talk about something and you can contribute.

———   4. Do Good To Others   ———

It is so fulfilling to reflect on your day and know that you did good, you helped someone in need, you were kind, polite and respectful to everybody around you. When you help someone, especially one who you don’t expect anything in return from, you feel good, because they are happy and thankful to you and this makes you happier and more confident in yourself as a person. Make it a point to always go out of your way to do good and be helpful where possible, this will also help start conversations with just about anybody, and more engagement means more confidence.

——–   5. Stay Positive   ——–

It goes without saying that when you have a positive outlook on life you will generally be happier and more confident. In every bad/negative situation there is always a positive, however small. Recognize the negative situation and work to rectify it but do not dwell on it, cling on to the positive as you work on the not so good part. This will lift your mood and make your day so much better. Confine people are always positive, because they believe that they can fix the problem or come out on the other side alive. Always be positive!

  ——–  6. Improve Your Body Language & Image  ——–

Your body language dictates how you feel and how you interact and what energy you give the world before even you speak. Avoid looking down and crouching over your shoulders, it makes you feel small and insignificant, and that exactly how people treat you. Lift your head high, chest forward and make eye contact when speaking to people, you will look and feel confident. Smiling is one of the best confidence boosters, it makes your heart smile and just brightens your day and the people you interact with.

Take the extra time to groom yourself, style your hair and dress nicely. This will make you feel good and confident, and other people will perceive you as a confident personas well.


What are some of the ways you boost your confidence?

——–   The Outfit   ——–

I fell in love with this satin pleated dress, it means I can eat as much without worrying about the food baby, and that is always a plus. I’m a girly girl, no doubt, so the bow at the back of the neck and the soft pink colors, contrasting beautifully with the burgundy and the reddish orange at the bottom was just perfect. I paired them with these sandals and a pale pink bag.

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