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It is the beginning of a new year, and we are all drowning in resolutions and all these things we want to do better in the new year. While the new year is a great time to consider a fresh start, I personally take every morning as a fresh start to do better. There are a few ways you can make sure you are on track and make your year even more productive!

1. Wake up early

Waking up early is one of the most liberating habits in life. When you wake up early you have more time in the morning for yourself before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. You can use this time for meditation or to plan your day and prioritize your activities for the day. It also gives you more time to get things done in the day, as you have added an hour or more in the more. If you struggle with rushing every morning and hardly have any time for yourself to think, then try waking up an hour earlier and maybe sleeping an hour earlier as well. It will be difficult in the beginning but after a while you will see the benefits.

2.Set Goals

Reflect on what you want to achieve in the coming year and make achievable goals that will get you to the ultimate goal. Make daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals… and so on.. little goals that are driving you to the bigger goal. This will allow you to plan your path towards whatever it is you want, be it weight, business, financial freedom.. whatever it is, make a move towards it daily.

3. Get into a healthy routine

This involves doing things that are creating the time and environment for you to be more productive every single day.  For example, waking up early is a healthy habit because it allows you to be productive at the time when you are most alert; making your bed is another example, if you don’t make your bed every single day, you always come back to a messy bedroom, and I can’t think of anything more demotivating than walking into that room. Make the small changes that end up being a part of an overall healthy routine both for productivity and health.

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4. Plan your day the night before

This gives you a focus on what exactly you need to do in order to be more productive that day. You may have a lot of things to do but as soon as you wake up in the morning you might not remember everything, and also, it helps you set all your priorities of the day. It starts your day right and you end up completing most, if not all your tasks, and there’s nothing more rewarding than crossing out your to do list one by one.

5. Take more risks

You don’t get different results from doing the same things that you  have been doing. You have to take risks if you want different results, the greater the risks usually the bigger the results. Be ready to take a different approach to things, be it diet or exercise, problem solving, the way you run your company, if it is not working right now, take the risk and try something different. Think outside the box and make your own rules, after all it is your own life and your own responsibility on how you run it.

6. Be yourself

Stop caring about what people think and be yourself. You will soon realize that nobody actually cares, and at the end of the day it is your life and you are the only person responsible for the decisions you make, or don’t make. You are the dreamer, you know what you want, just go for it, nobody else can dream for you. Be authentic to who you really are, do what you believe in, not what you think people want you to do.

7. Work Hard

You cannot beat someone who is a hard worker. If you are looking for something to come to you while you lay in bed then you will not achieve much. Wake up everyday and work as hard as you can, of course with a plan, and eventually you will see a shift, and things will fall into place. Hard work is not easy, but it is highly rewarding. The things you work hard for the most will give you the greatest satisfaction.


8. Surround yourself with The right people

Surround yourself with supportive people, people who believe in you, your values, what you are about and what you are trying to achieve. This will give you the positive energy, the drive and motivation to go after your goals. These people will also keep you accountable to whatever you want to achieve, and you will not want to disappoint them because they are genuinely rooting for you and want you to be happy. Root out the people who bring you down or make you feel not so good about what you are looking to achieve, keep the distance from them and see yourself flourish.

9. Do not give up

Nothing that’s worth anything comes easy, there are obstacles every single day an in  every single form, just don’t give up. When you fail at something, get up, restrategise and start back up from where you left. Look at what could have distracted you and start right back up. However many times you fail or face an obstacle, find a way to overcome. One day you will get the breakthrough and everything will make sense.

10. Dare to be

You don’t have to have all the cards lined up to achieve anything, you just need to start. Have the courage to make that first step and take it from there. If you don’t start, you will never know what could have been. Whatever you do, just start!

Most importantly, always be grateful for all that you have going on in your life.


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