Trend: Striped Pants x Yellow Blouse


I have featured several striped outfits in the past season and I’m not about to stop because if you have been out in the public or better yet, online, browsing through instagram or doing some shopping, then you know that stripes have been one of the biggest trends this year and they keep coming back.  Earlier in the year it was more of the blue and white stripes, then it has slowly transitioned into the black and white stripes.

Honestly, I am not entirely confident in striped pants, because the stripes tend to follow every single curve on the thighs. When I tried these on I was sold, the fabric literally dropped so beautifully from the waist. And to sweeten the deal they were the last piece in store. Is it just me that whenever something is going out of stock it becomes nicer than you originally thought? Oh well, I bought the pants.


Here I paired them with this yellow blouse because I have always enjoyed the way yellow brings out bold black and white stripes and it sure didn’t disappoint.

To tone the outfit down and bring the whole look together I decided on black accessories, black leather , black belt and black heels and huge pearl earrings. Everything came together beautifully. I see a lot of wear with this outfit, because I can wear it to almost anywhere.


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