Denim on Denim – How To Wear It

FB33- Denim on Denim

A full denim outfit is one scary idea, which most people tend to shy away from. Lets be honest, some denim outfits can make even the most confident people cringe.

Personally I love denim, especially light wash blue denim. There is a freshness to the light wash denim shirt that I don’t get with the darker wash denim in my view. The look is also more casual than dressy, which gives you more room to experiment. However I recommend contrasting the wash and colors of the denim. This means pairing a blue denim light wash jacket or shirt with darker blue, black or grey jeans skirt.

I especially love a blue denim shirt, which pairs easily with a lot of other pieces in the wardrobe, say, denim skirt, black pants, white shorts, khaki short or pants… the list is endless as long as the fit of the pieces are complementary to each other. For example, pairing  baggy jeans and an ill fitting shirt will not give you a pleasant look.

A denim shirt is a very versatile item in the closet and will always add something special yet still casual to the outfit. Roll up the sleeves and you instantly look like the coolest girl on the street.

My outfit is a comprised of denim shirt, a little oversized, and a fitted pencil denim skirt. I added a pop of color with a red bag and finished of the look with a black belt and a pair of nude sandals.

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