5 Reasons You Have Nothing To Wear

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How many times do you look at your closet when getting ready and think/feel like you have nothing to wear? I do, more often than I like to admit. I end up going shopping for even more clothes, and the very next couple of days I am on the same spot, same dilemma.

If you are with me, then we have some potential reasons to look at, and, how we can work through this.

1. Sizing and Fit of your clothes

In the course of one year a woman’s weight fluctuates so many times and we just have no control over it. Something you bought in January might not fit you the same in June and might fit you perfectly again in October, and so o and so on. And if it isn’t the weight it is bloating or just one of those days you don’t feel so good in anything barely touching your skin. Or the clothes you have are just ill fitting.

Fix – Try out your clothes and see if they fit well and adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Also, do not be too fixated on sizes when shopping, buy the size that fits you best, different brands and styles have different fitting.

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2. You don’t know whats in your closet

When is the last time you took out everything in your closet and had a good look at what is in there? You will be amazed at the pieces you have and you might even get inspired to create new outfits. It will also give you a chance to try out some of your old favorites.

Fix – Set out a day or an afternoon with your favorite music playing in the background and go through your wardrobe. You will also get a chance to get rid of clothes that no longer fit your style and make some room for more clothes:-)

White broderie anglaise and blue denim

3. Your lifestyle doesn’t match your wardrobe

If you find a disconnect between what your day-to-day life is like and what is currently in your closet, then your wardrobe doesn’t match your lifestyle. For example, if you work in a corporate environment but your wardrobe is mostly casual then you have an imbalance.

Fix – Identify what parts of your life are underrepresented in your wardrobe and focus on expanding those areas, slowly, with time you will fix the problem.

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4. You have multiples of the same item

You could be owning too many of the same or similar items of clothing because of the love of a specific trend, style or print. I am guilty of this, I have more striped outfits than I can wear without feeling like I look the same everyday.

Fix – Hang all similar items together so you will feel a little guilty to purchase another striped shirt or white t-shirt. And just think of how many other pieces you would get if you didn’t buy another one of the same piece of clothing.


5. You don’t challenge yourself

You probably pair the same pieces together every single time. In order to be able to create new and different looks, challenge yourself to pick up one piece from your closet and create a new outfit around it.

Fix – Grab something randomly from your closet. No matter what it is, your challenge is to make an outfit around it and wear it! This will narrow down your options with what you can mix and match while also making you look at new combos you might not have thought of before.


Finally, one bonus tip – Organize by outfits not types – Take some time during the weekend or the night before to put together outfits and hang them together. This gives you more time to try and see what outfits work, as well as you already have your multiple outfits planned!

Do you have any tips that get you inspired to put outfits put together?



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