12 Basics for a Killer Wardrobe

White Button down shirt

FB24 - 1 - BasicsWhen I think of my ideal wardrobe I think of the pieces that I can easily wear often and can easily be paired with one another over and over again to achieve different looks and can be paired with other trendy pieces. These are the foundation of building an outfit, you will always need one of these to put a look together.

I have rounded up my favorite pieces, the ones I feel are most functional in my closet.

1.Plain white t-shirt

White TshirtA plain white t-shirt is the most versatile item of clothing in my wardrobe, it goes well with jeans, denim shorts, skirts and as seen in recent trends under slip dresses.  My favorite styles are the super soft, relaxed with a crew neck. A black t-shirt is just as versatile as well, depends on personal style.

2. Denim/Jeans

J brand jeansI don’t need to say much about jeans. The wash and fit of the jeans you choose will depend on your style, body type, lifestyle and overall preference. My go to is a high rise style for the illusion of longer and slimmer legs, and a blue wash that will go with everything.

3. White Button Up Shirt

White ShirtA classic crisp white button up shirt elevates any outfit. Paired with a pair of jeans, shorts, a skirt, a tailored trouser or under slip dresses, overalls, etc., a white shirt smartens up any outfit and brightens up your face without too much effort.


4. Black Tailored pants

Black tailored trouserEvery girl needs one pair of black pants that will always make her feel good. The cut, high-waist or low rise, cropped or wide-leg, is a matter of personal choice. Pair  with a silk blouse and pumps for work or a T-shirt on a chill Saturday.

5. Blazer

Balmain BlazerA well cut is the perfect piece to pull together an office look?  A great outerwear substitute when it’s not quite cold enough for a heavy coat? Blazer. The can’t-go-wrong jacket to throw on over your cocktail dress. A white blazer can make an outfit fancy (lightly tossed over the shoulders of an evening gown) as easily as it can go casual with jeans and a T-shirt.

6. Denim Jacket

Denim JacketLook for a denim jacket that fits snugly on your shoulders, but still has some room for sweaters in the fall and sundresses in the summer. The style will and should vary depending on your lifestyle and style aesthetic.

7. Leather Jacket

Leather jacket - Saint LaurentDon’t be afraid to invest in a leather jacket. A great one will last in your closet for years and years and only gets better with wear. You can wear it over your jeans and t-shirt, LBD, shirt and jeans, t-shirt and skirt, it complements any outfit and add some interesting edge.

8. Little Black Dress

Little black dressNo item is more of a blank slate for accessorizing and styling yet completely chic on its own. Wear this in the daytime with flats or sneakers or in the evening with heels. You are never underdressed or overdressed in an LBD. I  love me a good black slip dress, it is so versatile and can be worn at any time and goes well with literally anything.

9. Black pumps/heels

Black PumpsBlack pumps are very versatile as you can wear them to work, daytime events and evening dinners. They sophisticated, dressy and they go with anything, jeans, tailored pants, skirts , dresses, you name it!

10. Black Classic Bag

Black tote bagA classic back bag is essential in your wardrobe as you can pair it with any outfit, any pair of shoes and to anywhere. Choose a style that is big enough to carry on days when you need to carry a lot around like a laptop and simple enough to fit in when you are going somewhere a little dressy. Black totes are a perfect fit for any occasion.

11. Simple flats

Black loafers - bottega venettaA simple flat is a shoe that lands the right look for anything from a board meeting to a grocery run. Wear it with jeans to run errands or with an LBD for a drink at the local pub.

12. Silk Camisole

CamisoleA silk camisole will compliment any bottom, and is the more dressy sister to the t-shirt. You can wear it to evening occasions with pants or skirts or daytime with jeans for a more casual look.


Our lifestyle, work and weather pretty much dictates what we keep in our closets as basics. For example I live in a pretty hot country so a coat would not feature in my wardrobe, and someone in a cooler country, say UK, would need a coat as a staple in their wardrobe.

What are some of your wardrobe basics, maybe not included in this list?

Xx, Loice

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