Stripes & Floral


There’s always that cool lady that turns heads as she walks by in her effortlessly put together outfit. She’s smart, stylish and has an eye for color and pattern. Well, it is not me, I play it safe, sometimes too safe I think.


I was feeling a little adventurous with my wardrobe choices so I decided try out mixing prints in this outfit. The fashion gurus have often said that in the world of mixing and matching, stripes are considered neutrals, they go with anything. With that in mind, I decided to pair my beloved striped shirt with this extra floral wide leg pants.

I took my base color as navy blue and black, which run through the blouse and the trousers as well to bring the outfit together.You don’t necessarily have to stick to the same color, but try shades based around a central color palette or theme.


I paired this outfit with these red sandals to further add some color but also to marry the pattern on the pants and the red band along the hem. Finally I owned the look! Looking confident is half the battle to stylishly mixing and wearing prints.


Tips for mixing prints

  1. Stripes is a complimentary color palette will easily befriend other prints.
  2. Pick patterns with the same base color, this will make the outfit look seamless even with the difference in patterns or print.
  3. Mix and match patterns from the same store or brand, most brands often work with a specific color range each season.
  4. Pick the busiest print item and coordinate it with a simpler pattern piece that has fewer colors in it.
  5. Break up the different printed pieces by layering a solid on top to quiet down all the pattern using a solid jacket or cardigan, where only a touch of pattern from the top shows through.

Do you have any other ideas on how to mix prints?

Shirt – similar

Pants – similar

Shoes – here



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