A Casual Friday Outfit

FP14-4It was super hot today, I mean furnace hot. There was no way I was wearing anything but the shortest pair of shorts that I own. I know they are not that short but I cannot wear the really short booty shorts, it is just a preference, so yeah, this is a sort as we go. I don’t know what I will do this summer because it is going to be hot!

Lace Blouse, White loafers and jacquard shorts


I paired the pair of shorts with an airy lace blouse and my favorite loafers for late lunch. Lace tops are always a good choice when the weather is too warm, because they still let in some air (hot air..lol) and allow for circulation.


Blouse – here : black – here

Shorts – here

Loafers – here

What outfits are your summer favorites

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