How to Wear a Midi Dress

red striped midi dress

For a very long time I shied away from midi dresses because I thought they were for older and taller ladies, both of which I am not, but I loved how elegant these ladies looked.

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Off The Shoulder Stripes

asos off the shoulder dress

Love love this dress.There is an easiness to off the shoulder summer dresses that I can’t get enough off.

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Yellow Mellow

This is probably the cutest yellow dress! The bow at the back is to die for.

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Woman In Progress

Ruffle shirt and white denim

We live in a culture that is so focused on perfection, especially towards women. A woman is supposed to wake up looking perfect, be a perfect mother, a perfect wife, a perfect sister, a perfect employee, a perfect boss, a perfect daughter,

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Red Roses

Red and white t-shirt and gucci skirt

Who doesn’t like flowers? I do. I am not the biggest fan of red roses (real red roses) but I love, love white flowers. It doesn’t mean that I dislike red roses, I simply prefer white flowers in general.

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Shirt Dress 2.0

Self portrait blue shirt dress with black lace

The shirt dress has undergone a series of style transformations in the last few years and I am not mad about it. I love a good shirt dress,  airy and comfortable,

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A Casual Friday Outfit

It was super hot today, I mean furnace hot. There was no way I was wearing anything but the shortest pair of shorts that I own.

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