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I am usually willing to pay more on skincare because I have found what works for me  and I hardly ever deviate from my skincare routine. So when I saw these products, I was a little hesitant to try them. However they claim to deliver the same results as my current favorite skincare products, at a mere fraction of the price. And so I eventually gave in to the temptation and bought a few products from the range because I wouldn’t mind saving some money.

Deciem is a Canadian company and The Ordinary is a brand under the Deciem company umbrella. These products are based on active ingredients which are proven to work with scientific research.

Advanced Retinoid 2%


My love for Retinoid and Retinol products is not  new at all, even though they are not comparable at all, they are my star ingredient, always. This was the most intriguing product for me.

“This formulation combines two forms of next-generation retinoid actives in a combined concentration of 2% by weight i.e Solubilized Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate and a sustained-delivery form of pure retinol in a protective capsule system.” The Ordinary.

I pat the product onto my face and neck every night. The product is a white liquid, runny non sticky and is easily spreadable. It quickly absorbs into the skin leaving no residue.I noticed some peeling after a couple of days, nothing alarming, which is normal. I love it when my skin peels off because it leaves me with soft new skin.

My skin looks brighter and smoother after a couple of weeks of use.

Remember to always use a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF when using retinoid/retinol products.

 The Buffet


This serum is literally a buffet of peptides in a base of 11 skin-friendly amino acids and multiple hyaluronic acid complexes to target multiple signs of aging.  This makes it a great serum with a lot of the good ingredients I look for in my serums (for a comprehensive list of peptides please go to

I use this day and night after cleansing my skin. It feels like a gel but isn’t sticky at all and absorbs into the skin pretty quickly. It works pretty well under makeup and I have noticed that my make up looks dewy which I love. My skin looks and feels smooth and softer and almost plump to the touch.

If you are on the hunt for good skincare products and don’t want to break the bank then these are worth checking out.

Xx, Loice

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