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Huda Beauty has been the craze lately and for good reason. There was a queue at sephora both the times I was there and it was just chaos after the launch of her liquid lipsticks. I managed to get one, just one, and I could have lost a nail for it, no kidding. I have used her products before.

Huda Beauty Lashes – I bought the Samantha lashes over a year ago,  and thought they looked nice in the package. Unfortunately when I tried to remove the lash from the packaging it tore apart, tears. That was my 65AED down the drain without any use. And that was really disappointing for me because I don’t wear lashes and when I was ready to try one it just tore into two. I ended up buying the Giselle a few months later, with a price hike to 95AED, as they looked less dramatic.They are light and fluffy and soft and you don’t feel the weight of wearing lashes.

I think her lashes are too dramatic for the conservative but if you are looking for those dramatic eyelashes then Huda Beauty lashes are for you. Price: 95 AED.

Huda Beauty Lip Contours – These are the creamiest, softest and most pigmented lip pencils I have ever used! No, they are the best lip pencils I have ever used to date. The formula of these pencils, let take a moment of silence, is like a dream. I use them on their own on the whole lips or to outline my lips before applying  lipstick. I managed to get Icon and Trophy wife, both are pinkish nude. Icon has a peachy undertone while Trophy Wife is more on the pink side. Thats how they show up on my lips. Price: 85AED

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte – These are hands down the best Liquid lipsticks in the market. The colors are the same as the lip contours, and they are colors that you wear pretty much daily. They do not dry out your lips at all, they are almost nourishing to the lips. I actually forgot that I had a liquid lipstick on when I first used it. The color payoff is good, they are little runny compared to other brands but they are the most comfortable on the lips, and I have dry lips, so that means a lot.Price 100AED

All in all the products that I have tried out are of great quality and she well deserves the recognition she is getting right now. The best part is it is a family run company, I appreciate her for that even more.



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