My Favorite Estee Lauder Products

Estee Lauder

A couple of weeks ago I went into the mall to pick up some skincare products. My skin was feeling a bit malnourished, so to speak. So I researched on a lot of serums, and narrowed it down to a couple.

The winner is…… Estee Lauder Perfectionist (CP+R) Wrinkle lifting/Firming Serum.

It contains numerous skin-repairing ingredients and plenty of antioxidants that help improve the way skin looks and feels and that is what matters most for my skin.

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Night Firming/Sculpting Eye crème feels so soft and hydrating on the skin. I definitely love this one. I apply it day and night.

PS: I have read many times that you don’t really need an eye cream, as long as you have great serum and moisturiser you are fine.

At the end of the day we have to take care of our skin from within by drinking enough water, maintaining a healthy diet, protecting the skin from the harmful elements in the environment etc., the creams are just a support system.

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