And.. Tomorrow is another day..

Often we beat ourselves up for failing on something, for not exercising as we should and the next natural thing is to give up. I say try again and again and again, until you achieve whatever it is you are after.

I feel that, especially with exercising, when I take a few days off, or just feel plain lazy to go out for a run, the downfall begins. One day I wake up feeling fat and I end up wanting to give up. I have asked myself these two questions like a million times;1. Why cant I just sit, do nothing and eat whatever I want? 2. When I am sixty will I still be running and exercising? lol.. It makes me laugh, because I know that I work out because I love my body, and I want to be healthy,fit and fabulous when I am sixty.. And just like that I am in my gym clothes and out walking, running, doing something!

I have had low energy days recently, I think I have just reached my burn out. I have really slacked on my writing, but this is another area that I will not give up, I am determined to make this blog going:-)

The key is to find what motivates you, and keep reminding yourself every time you feel like you want to give up. And if you didn’t get it right today, tomorrow is another day to make it right!

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