Get Moving….

The weather has been cooling down lately.. today is a lovely 24°C, just a month or so ago it was a scorching 36°C. This means it is time to get out and get on with the outdoor activities, yaay! I have spent a good 6 months holed up indoors because it has been boiling HOT here, and I must say I am a excited for the coming months.

So, I have been out and about, running in the evening after work, about 5-6 km every evening, which I think is pretty good. It is the most liberating feeling to be out on the road and feel the cool breeze on my face as I race the trucks down the streets (yes, I do). It hasn’t been easy though, the sheer feeling of exhaustion, especially in the first two weeks, oh my, and the pains…. don’t get me started.. I usually tell myself that ‘Pain is weakness leaving the body’, it keeps me going.I am settling into the groove of it now, and am loving every bit of it;-)

And… I finally learnt to ride a bike, and no I am not 10, lets just say it has taken a lot of years to get me onto one. And it took an hour.. just an hour.. and I was on my way, I love it. It had a lot to do with the two very special people who took their time to help me, I appreciate these two so much. But why did it take so many years to get to ride a bike, it seemed so difficult, yet its not so bad when you get the hang of it…. cruising down the If I had a bucket list, I would be crossing this off.

I truly believe that  great thoughts are conceived while walking, so get out there and put in your bit for the society today. You will not believe how much good a walk, a run, a bike ride (if you can;-), a hike, anything that gets you moving, will do for you.

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no I’ll start tomorrow, Tomorrow is disease. Get moving guys:-)

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